Infinite Polymer Technology

Established in 2010 is led by Simon Foong(Joined Aug 2013) and is located in i-City,Malaysia at the heart of South East Asia and the major hub of ASEAN. We originated as plastics resins suppliers and soon diversify our businesses in order to give our customers a more holistic services. Now, IPT providing services like application development, thermoplastic engineering, plastic solution and many more. Penetration into Energy Saving and Water Treatment market to make sure IPT has the completed suite to meet customer expectation. We understand that flexibility and good service is key for our customers. This would in turn allow customers to have a more enjoyable experience when doing business with us. This is something we strive with pride, in line with our Mission & Vision statements.


A one-stop service provider for our valued customers.


Be a One-Stop-Solutions supplier; selling solutions revolving around sustainability.